October 9, 2003

9.10.2003 12:04 Iranian dissident freed on bail

Mosen Sazegara
Mosen Sazegara
IRAN, Teheran. The famous Iranian dissident and editor of several reformist newspapers, Mosen Sazegara, was freed from prison on 6 October after a large sum was deposited as bail.

Mosen Sazegara is a former press attache to the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khomenei. In the last few years, Sazegara published several newspapers, each of which was closed down by the Iranian courts. In February this year, Sazegara was involved in the founding of a group called “National Coalition of Iranians for Freedom”, aiming to create a secular political system in Iran. He has been repeatedly arrested, and equipment required for the printing of the newspaper and putting up material on the Internet has been confiscated.
On the last occasion he was taken into custody in June this year and was accused of inciting students to undertake political actions against the regime.
According to the emigrant group “Iran press service”, Sazegara have released to disprove rumours about his death in prison. The family has raised bail of $750,000.
Mosen Sazegara was taken from prison to hospital.


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