June 13, 2005

Asian Human Rights Commission - No Torture Website

On 16 July 2003, the Special Rapporteur sent a joint urgent appeal with the Special Rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression concerning Mohsen Sazegara, a 48-year-old journalist who was allegedly detained along with his son, Vahid Sazegara, on 15 June 2003 in Tehran. A joint urgent appeal was sent on their behalf on 20 June 2003. Vahid Sazegara was reportedly released from Evin prison on 9 July 2003. However, his father is reportedly still in incommunicado detention. Visits from his relatives, his lawyer and his doctor have allegedly been denied since his arrest. He is thought to have undertaken a 10-day hunger strike following his arrest and to be in poor condition. He is alleged to have had two heart operations in the last few years and to be in need of regular medication. In view of the incommunicado nature of his detention, fears were expressed that he may be at risk of torture or other forms of ill-treatment. Concern was expressed for his health if he did not receive prompt and adequate medical assistance.


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